(WSYR-TV) — When mothers lose their lives during childbirth, the impact is devastating on their partners, on their children, and on their community.

A new ABC news documentary on Hulu looks at how the community comes together to reckon with a crisis facing American health today. The film follows two families and fathers who ended up connecting after losing their partners to childbirth complications.

SeQuoia Kemp and Asteir Bey are co-founders of Sankofa Reproductive Healing Center, which will host a screening of the film tomorrow afternoon.

Community-based doulas are involved in to reduce racial maternal and infant health disparities in Central New York through the Mission of Sankofa Doula Collective.

The movie screening of “Aftershock” is happening Oct. 29 at Cafe Sankofa on Salina Street in Downtown Syracuse.

To learn more, check out SankofaHeals.com.