Air Quality Could Impact Fertility

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Did you know air quality could have impacts on fertility? Intellipure has teamed up with CNY Fertility to help couples start families.

Founder of CNY Fertility, Dr. Rob Kiltz, believes air quality is of the utmost importance. “What goes into our mouths, lungs, and body, is critical and the microparticles, the ultra-fine particles are – what I believe and have seen lots of literature on – the cause of every disease and infertility is just another disease.”

It is difficult to control the quality of air outdoors; however, it is important to filter air internally. Vinny Lobdell, Intellipure Inc.’s president explains that their goal is “to scrub the air and create the healthiest environment possible.”

Intellipure is located at 3420 Maple Avenue in Pulaski. If you would like to speak directly with one of their sales representatives call 1-800-843-3860 or visit their website for more information

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