It’s not surprising to know that bad vision and mental health go hand in hand. In fact, studies show that poor vision can contribute to behavioral and social issues too and it’s a big reason why one organization is working to help combat it.

Stacy Daniel owns Frameology along with a team of volunteers, came up with the idea to offer free eye exams and eye glasses to Syracuse’s underinsured community as a way to give back and make an impact to help people see.

Amaus Vision Services is an outreach program and clinic in partnership with the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. They offer free eye exams and free eye glasses for the underinsured of all ages, Stacy says.

“I’m blessed to have been able to start this mission and to help make an impact,” she adds. “We’re really trying to get the word out too that we are here, we are up and running and we want to help.”

The process to take part is quick and easy. Stacy says all you have to do is sign up online or give them a call to make an appointment. Patients young and old are welcome to be seen.

Amaus Vision Services is located at 259 East Onondaga Street in Syracuse. To schedule your visit, call 315-314-7004 or visit them online at