(WSYR-TV) — Lifting the BIPOC and indigenous voices is essential to contemporary art, and our one individual is working hard to do just that.

Dario Mohr, Founder and Director of the AnkhLave Arts Alliance is providing space for BIPOC and Indigenous artists internationally to present their work in BIPOC affinity public spaces. 

Ankhlave Arts Alliance is a NYC-based nonprofit organisation dedicated to advancing BIPOC artists in the contemporary art realm.

Artists Include:

  1. Seema Lisa Pandya (Fellow) – South Asian Descent
  2. Jasmine Murell (Fellow) – African Descent
  3. Natsuki Takauji (Fellow) – Japanese Descent
  4. Amanda Martinez(Fellow) – Indigenous and Mexican Descent
  5. Niceli Portugal (Fellow) – Indigenous Peruvian Descent
  6. Sherwin Banfield (Public Artist in Residence)

The 5th Annual Ankhlave Garden Project exhibition “Branching Out: Trees as Community Hosts” at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden lasts through Oct. 24. Learn more at ankhlave.org.