Artificial Intelligence At Crouse Helping Stroke Patients

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When someone is experiencing a stroke, time is of the essence. New technology at Crouse Health works to help doctors treat patients quickly, giving them the best possible recovery.

“Time is brain, is the mantra that we keep repeating with stroke,” said Crouse Neuroscience Institute’s clinical director, Jameson Crumb. “And what basically happens is as soon as a patient arrives at our ED, we bring them to a CT scanner and evaluate them as quickly as possible and get imaging studies as quickly as possible. What this app allows us to do is take those imaging studies, import them, 2 ½ bytes, on our entire team’s phones.”

Crumb explains each person on the team receives a notification through the app and are able to view the patient’s images immediately and all at once in order to evaluate them. “That allows us to mobilize an entire team very quickly to get that care that patient needs urgently, done as quickly as possible.” He likens the process to a NASCAR pit crew, as the car comes in, the crew assembles and works on the car.

“This is one of the most fascinating fields of medicine to be a part of these days because it’s growing tremendously and the technology is improving at a very fast pace,” said Dr. Jorge Eller, a Crouse Medical Practice neurosurgeon. “Stoke used to be something that we did not have a whole lot to offer but that has changed dramatically and it continues to change. And so it is very gratifying to be able to see somebody who is coming to us with potentially a devastating deficit…unable to speak, unable to move, unable to see…and to be able to reverse that and restore somebody to back to normal essentially, is one of the most gratifying things that one can do.”

Crouse is one of four hospitals in the state to use this new AI technology.

For more information on Crouse’s stroke care visit them online at

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