Experts say breastfeeding is the most nutritious way to feed your baby. It’s recommended moms breastfeed until their child is about 6 months old or when they can start supplementing meals with rice cereal or baby food.  However, some moms are quitting early due to lack of support from their employer. Moms heading back to work feel inconvenienced when there isn’t a private place for them to pump while on the job.  

Kathy Mogel, from the Onondaga County Health Department said changes are coming. 

The Onondaga County Health Department and Trinity Health, part of St. Joseph’s Hospital, are working with employers and community centers to create breastfeeding rooms.  

“Dedicated spaces so that women, when they return to work after having a baby, they have a dedicated comfortable place to breastfeed,” Mogel said. 

Private breastfeeding rooms should include a comfortable chair, preferably one that is easy to wipe down like leather or faux leather, quiet lighting, hand washing area, wipes or hand sanitizer and a small refrigeration system for storing pumped breast milk.  

Some job sites around Onondaga County already have dedicated breastfeeding rooms including Family Planning, St. Joseph’s Hospital, PEACE Head Starts, Reach CNY, Interfaith Works, The MOST, Lydia’s Lullaby, Destiny USA, Onondaga County Health Department and more.   

For more information on breastfeeding, how your employer can create a private breastfeeding room or to get help visit the Onondaga County Health Department online at