A St. Patrick’s Day tradition is back in Byrne Dairy stores in the spirit of the Irish Holiday. For a limited time, Byrne Dairy Mint Milk in glass half gallon bottles is available for sale once again.

The annual tradition began in 1976 and has had success ever since, said Byrne Dairy Group Sales Director Dave Damrath. For more than 40 years, Central New Yorkers have enjoyed the fresh mint taste of the locally sourced dairy company.

Mint Milk is just one of the many dairy options Byrne Dairy offers customers. Other favorites include, chocolate and regular milk, also served in glass bottles. Damrath says that the glass bottles have withstood the test of time because for so many, milk just tastes better when it’s served from a glass bottle.

Today, the popular dairy based company is a fourth generation family-owned producer and distributor of Greek and conventional yogurt, cream, ice cream and a variety of other dairy products. They also work with more than 250 local farms within a 35 mile radius from it’s plants, to produce more than 50 million pounds of milk each month.

Mint milk can be found in your local Byrne Dairy and Deli Stores across Central New York. To find your nearest location visit byrnedairy.com