Financially Stable by the Age of 30

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Saving for the future doesn’t always apply to older generations. In fact, according to Chip Coughlin of Retirement Income Analysts, younger generations could benefit from taking the right steps to their financial future by saving today.

Chip shares eight tips to finding financial success for young people.

1. Make your job mean more than a paycheck. Chip says what you invest in your job, is what you are going to get out of it. He encourages young people to work hard and work smart.

2. Have the confidence to work out your worth and make sure you negotiate your salary and do your research.

3. Become best friends with your credit score. Don’t make major purchases without a lot of contemplation, pay your bills on time. Keep within your budget.

4. Splurges shouldn’t be a regular thing- splurges destroy your budget. Think and plan before you make big purchases.

5. Put retirement on your radar- start with the end in mine.

6. Say, “I Do” to a budget- friendly wedding. It saves you and your family in the long run.

7. Figure out if you’re ready to put down roots and if so then take advantage of buying versus renting.

8. Rebound from a dream that didn’t go as planned.Sometimes you invest in things and they don’t work out, ultimately just make sure you start out with a positive plan for your future.

If you would like to connect with Retirement Income Analysts, you can call them at (315) 701-4440 or toll-free at 855-44-RETIRE. Their offices are located at 892 East Brighton Ave. in Syracuse. Visit them online at


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