Nature Valley Canada recently sat down three generations and asked them a simple question; “What did you like to do for fun as a child?”

The answers might be what you expect from the older generations who said fruit picking and inventive ways to make their own fun was at the top of their list. The parent generation said their playtime with  friends mattered most.

But the youngest generation proved to be the most troubling. Kids seem to be so wrapped up in their technology that video games, texting, and social media rank on the top of their ‘fun’ list. Child psychologist Dr. Tanya Gesek says that while in some cases screen time can be beneficial, play time has changed so much that kids aren’t learning from their own creativity.

“It really just needs to be a family expectation that your kids won’t spend all day behind a screen,” Gesek said.

Dr. Gesek urges parents to use technology as an incentive to get kids outside. Instead of eliminating it completely, she encourages parents to allow their kids time on their tablets as long as they spend some time outside. And while the results can be shocking for parents, Dr. Gesek says that parents of past generations have had to deal with technology too.

“We don’t let our kids do dangerous things anymore,” she said. “We’ve buffered our kids from anything that might not be safe. We have to let them fall down and scrape their knees once in a while.”

Dr. Gesek deals with children and families and can help you with your child’s needs. To learn more find her on Facebook by searching Tanya Gesek, PhD.