How Parents Can Overcome The “September Overwhelm”

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As a new school year begins and the kids head back to classroom, it’s a great time for parents to reclaim THEIR time, and get back on a schedule. But Life and Accountability Coach Jen Liddy says without taking 3 small steps, you might stay stuck & frustrated until October!

Liddy says that while parents often tell themselves, “The day the kids go back to school, I’ll start _________.”  But the reality is, that doesn’t often happen, because parents often create insane expectations for themselves & are shocked when the month flies by & they still haven’t gotten back to “normal.”  They feel frustrated, Liddy says, wondering why they can’t just get back into a groove! They beat themselves up, which makes everything worse.

Liddy says with these 3 steps, parents can overcome what’s known as the “September Overwhelm.” 

1. Give yourself a moment to breathe. Don’t beat yourself up. Stop telling yourself the story that it needs to be back to 100% on the first day the kids are back to school. That’s unrealistic. 

2. Set an intention. What do you want? How do you want it to look? Be really clear with yourself. Without a plan, you’ll wander around every day feeling lost & overwhelmed. 

3. Do one thing every single day to move toward that intention. Don’t put 100 things on the list. That will never work. It will just overwhelm you. Realistically, we can get about 1 – 3 things done per day. That’s based on research & experience. Don’t make your to-do list a hundred miles long.

If you’d like to learn more, Liddy is hosting a workshop on Monday, September 24th.  It’s planned for 10am until 2pm at The Tech Garden in Syracuse.  The cost is $87 per person.

You can learn more about the workshop and find other great tips from Liddy by visiting her website at

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