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Oswego Health & Oswego County OBGYN: How to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Tips for Women On Preventing Ovarian Cancer

Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Raj Mahajan, with Oswego Health & Oswego County OBGYN, says there are some things women can do in an effort to prevent ovarian cancer. 

"Risk factors for ovarian cancer, probably the biggest one, is family history," says Dr. Mahajan, adding the other risk factors are from issues with infertility, IUDs and those who have not breast fed. 

To prevent the risk of cancer, birth control pills can actually help. "For people who take birth control pills for five years the risk for ovarian cancer is probably cut by about half, and for people who take them for 10 years it's probably cut by 90 percent," he added. 

While that is one of the most effective way to reduce the chances of getting ovarian cancer, Dr. Mahajan says health professionals now consider removing a woman's fallopian tubes, but there are still studies underway to confirm the effectiveness of this process.

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