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When Sabrina Audrey Co was a teenager, she came up with an idea for her own business, which wasn’t surprising since she grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.

 “At 15, I realized that I wanted to follow the entrepreneurial path and so I voiced out to my parents that I wanted to start a business in fragrance” says Co, who adds her parents were really happy about it.

Co, who is now a senior at Syracuse University, created a fragrance business called ATIN. “I try to create scents that evoke like local fruits and local flowers and basically trying to share what we have in the Philippines to the rest of the world.”

On their website, you’ll find that ATIN offers a variety of products with the fragrances, including:

  • REED DIFFUSERS – Reed diffusers are the latest decorative air fresheners for the home that work with scented oil and reeds. The oil travels up our exclusive fiber reeds that offers a more natural way of dispensing gentle scents into the air with no need for lighted tea light candles.
  • ROOM AND LINEN SPRAY – The best fragrances of the Philippines, now in an effortless room and linen spray. Scent your home/office or treat your bedclothes and pillow to a spray before retiring.
  • SCENTED SOY WAX CANDLE – 100% natural soy wax candle with essential oils will fill the room with a reviving aroma. Feel the natural fragrance and allow the warmth radiated from the candle to relax you and recharge your energy.
  • POTPOURRI – Automatically maintains and continually refreshed atmosphere leaving the air clean and fresh. You can set the desired minutes of spray interval to freshen air in an instant.

To learn more and purchase ATIN Fragrance of the Philippines, visit the website on

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