Over 250 youth are heading under the sea in Syracuse Children’s Theatre’s latest production of “Little Mermaid Jr.” It’s being staged at the Civic Center’s Carrie Theatre for all to see.  

The giant cast is split up into groups of four with performers as young as four and the oldest, seniors in high school.  

“It’s nice to see the kids taking care of each other on the stage.  Looking out for one another on the stage and we have an amazing staff to help us out too,” said Kellie Ellis, Associate Director at Syracuse Children’s Theatre.   

If you’re looking for advanced performers, Syracuse Children’s Theatre offers that too.  Their 7th through 12th grade actors are staging the Scottish play Macbeth. Two former Syracuse Children’s Theatre students, Liam Fitzpatrick and Lynn King, are coming back to direct the play.   

The non-profit group offers summer camp classes in two week sessions. Kids play theatre games, meet new friends and play outside all while rehearsing for a show.  Each session brings a new musical including “Doctor Do Little Jr.” and “DiscoKnights” for the older campers.  At the end of camp students gets to perform on the big stage at the Civic Center with full lights, sound and costumes. 

You can catch the production of Syracuse Children’s Theatre’s “Little Mermaid Jr.” from May 10th through the 18th at the John H. Mulroy Civic Center’s Carrie Theatre. 

The Scottish play Macbeth is being performed at the DeWitt Community Church on May 31st at 7pm. Tickets for each production is $15.

To purchase tickets, for more information, show times or to register for camp visit sctkids.com or call (315) 432-5437.   

Syracuse Children’s Theatre is located at 700 W Manlius St, East Syracuse, NY.