Summer may be several months away, but it’s never too cold to enjoy a cold, creamy bite of ice cream. Syracuse University Instructional Lab Manager Sam Sampere says the science behind making ice cream is simple. 

According to Sampere,“if we flash freeze the particles at -300 degrees before all the water from the milks and heavy creams can form together and make large ice crystals — the smoother it is.”

Sampere featured two different flavors using popular ingredients that every ice cream lover would enjoy. Sistina and TeNesha served up mint chip and maple walnut ice cream. Collectively they both made their own with some help from Sampere. Once the mixture was ready, he poured in liquid nitrogen and the ingredients quickly thickened and froze. 

Feeling inspired to make your own? If you have a reliable container, you can bring it down to a welding shop and they’ll fill it with nitrogen for you.