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Vlogger Mandee Pauch Covers Super DIRT Week

Pauch is the daughter of legendary DIRT driver Billy Pauch

She’s the daughter of a DIRT racing legend – and now has found her own way to be part of the sport.

Mandee Pauch produces video blogs for her website and YouTube channel, and she’s in Central New York for Super DIRT Week.

“I grew up in racing” says Pauch, whose father Billy Pauch is known to DIRT fans all over the country.  “You know I tell people I was born into it. I didn’t have much of an option.  But my parents tried getting me into different things and you know what, I’m still here!” 

Pauch’s brother and boyfriend also race.  Her vlogs take viewers behind-the-scenes of racing.  Her videos show the drivers, the pit crews, the cars, the races, day-to-day life, and more.  

“With my background and being raised in it, I can show people a different perspective than what many people can actually get to see” says Pauch. “My goal for these videos is to gain new fans, make them see and understand what really goes into all of this and for the people who are racing fans already, to help them better understand what’s going on and show them some things that they’re missing or may not know.”

Pauch says by doing vlogs, she also hopes people will appreciate the hard work and the dedication drivers and teams have, and that she’ll inspire people to join the racing community.  She tells Sistina and TeNesha she did try being a race car driver herself, even winning a few races, but that side of the sport just wasn’t for her.

“I feel like more women are getting involved.  There are plenty of women race car drivers but from my perspective I think it’s just great to show that we can do anything.  You know, I tried racing and I didn’t say I wasn’t good at it or I didn’t like it, but I found another outlet and ways that I can help our sport.” 

Super DIRT Week runs through October 7th at Oswego Speedway.

Mandee’s works are available to watch at or at


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