SYRACUSE, N.Y.(WSYR-TV) — Elizabeth Grace Saunders, time management coach, speaker, and author joins Bridge Street to share some tips on steering clear of volatile online arguments. 

She mentions that the rise of social media has contributed to increased connectivity, which has also led to more disagreements and hostility between social media users.

Elizabeth also talks about the importance of choosing the correct forum to use, whether it be Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or any place where someone can get involved in a disagreement.

These social media sites give people a convenient way to interact with anonymous users around the world who they often don’t know in person. As a result, it becomes all too easy to share mean comments or messages online.

This also allows people to argue with someone knowing that they will probably never have to see that person face to face. Users then feel as if they can get away with sending hurtful messages to others.

Elizabeth also stresses that people should respond from a place of strength and humanity. She says we should remember, at the end of the day, to let some things go. It is not a sign of weakness to back down in an online argument. Rather, it can be a good way to diffuse the situation and consider whether the dispute is truly worth your time.

For more information on Elizabeth and her time management coaching, you can visit her website here.