(WSYR-TV) — Any parent out there will tell you that the job can be hard, and that job can get harder when your child has a disorder. Disability and mental health advocate Christina Van Ditto came up with a natural strategy to help support her daughter Gia navigate a pediatric feeding disorder. It’s all in the form of baking!

Christina has started a blog called “Baking with the Besties” which will go live once a month starting in November. She and her daughter are inviting families to participate in our inclusive baking from the comforts of their own home. She hopes it will spread awareness about pediatric feeding disorders.

Christina puts on a full show for Gia in the kitchen, which motivates Gia to tackle her sensory differences and gently encourages cognitive flexibility.

Their first live blog event is Saturday, Nov. 18 at 11 a.m. online. You can find Christina’s content and more information about “Baking with the Besties” on her Facebook page at facebook.com/ChristinaVanDittoAtSAME.