(WSYR-TV) — Next month, the Cool Heads Project is partnering up with the Upstate Foundation for the Northland Communications “Good Neighbor Day” at NBT Bank Stadium. It’ll raise funds and awareness for some local nonprofits. Katy Moses and Eric Stensland joined Bridge Street to talk about the event.

In 2020, Maureen McCarthy Tracy with Northland Communications decided to dedicate a day to raising awareness and funds for a select group of local nonprofits.

The Cool Head Project is lucky enough to be one of the nonprofits that was chosen. Northland Communications will be presenting awards to the non-profits that raise the most funds between now and June 28. If TCHP and The Upstate Foundation raise the most, Northland will award an additional $10K.

The Cool Head Project is a fund that was started at The Upstate Foundation by Liz Formoza and Katy Moses. Their mission is to pay 100% of the cost for Scalp Cooling at Upstate Cancer Center and Community Hospital. Scalp cooling is a treatment that can prevent chemotherapy induced hair loss for some patients.

The event is June 28 at NBT Bank Stadium during the Syracuse Mets Game. You can purchase tickets through the TheCoolHeadProject.org/events.

You can purchase a raffle ticket by sending an email to TheCoolHeadProject@gmail.com or by calling 315-481-1142.