(WSYR-TV) — With the heat across Central New York dominating the weather this week, it’s a perfect time to have a pool. Cannon Pools and Spas can get you and your family swimming as early as two weeks from today.

The important factor to consider when pool shopping with Cannon is the size and shape that would best suit your needs. Folks planning to get a pool must get their house surveyed and must obtain a pool permit. Cannon Pools helps clients with this process.

President of the company Ari Malzman says pool maintenance may not be as much work as you think, especially with modern equipment. Ari says Cannon Pools and Spas can set up an above-ground pool from start to finish within a few hours.

Cannon Pools has five locations across Central New York, and each one offers free water-testing services.

A portion of their website called “Cannon University” is also dedicated to educating folks on their process of pool installation here in Central New York. To learn more, visit them at CannonPools.com.