Bees are critical pollinators to food and ecosystems and not many people know that one of nature’s best pollinators are solitary bees.  

Unlike honey bees, solitary bees, which have no queen and don’t sting, pollinate 95% of the flowers they land on visiting up to 2,000 per day.  The company, Rent Mason Bees has made it simple to host the non-aggressive bees to help pollinate your garden.   

In the spring, Rent Mason Bees will ship out the bees along with a bee house, nesting block, 50-60 mason bee cocoons inside of a PVC tube and box with return postage. They’ll provide emails regarding information of what to do during their stay and once they lay eggs you will ship the blocks back at the end of the season.   

You can rent your bees today and Rent Mason Bees will ship out accordingly depending on weather in your region.  For more information, you can visit