(WSYR-TV) — Whether it’s a black tie affair or your typical ceremony, wedding season is upon us. Stylist Allison Rose Harrison offers insight on what’s appropriate to wear for each and every type of wedding you might be attending.

A ‘white-tie’ wedding is considered to be the most formal, with a ‘black-tie’ wedding pulling in as the next most formal. While less common, white-tie events have a pretty strict dress code, so it’s important to follow the guidelines. Most of them events include a full tux with tails for men and gowns for women.

While slightly less formal, ‘black-tie’ events are still quite the right time to dust off the fancy attire you might own. These often include regular tuxedos, full suits with bowties, and floor-length gowns.

Lines can blur when it comes to the difference between a ‘formal’ event and a ‘cocktail attire’ event, but Allison can help break things down. At cocktail-attire events, a simple, knee-length dress should do the trick for females while a full suit should suffice for males.

If you’re unsure which dress code to follow, Allison says that wedding invitations should specify what to wear. In general, it’s better to be safe and lean on the side of overdressing as opposed to underdressing.

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