(WSYR-TV) — “Elvis” has re-entered the arena! Baz Luhrmann’s fascinating look at the life of Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker has reignited interest in “The King.” Now that it’s streaming on HBO Max, it’s available to an even wider audience. Movie Guy Brian Miller offers his take on the standout film.

Brian Miller says Baz Luhrmann was the perfect choice to direct this film seeing that many of his past movies are known for their flashy, glitzy appeal. What better way to showcase a movie about Elvis?

Brian also says Austin Butler, who portrays Elvis, does a fantastic job, especially considering his limited experience. Even having Tom Hanks in a main role didn’t outshine the talented performance by Austin Butler.

The film is a great way to introduce younger generations to music by the King of Rock and Roll.

Brian gave Luhrmann’s “Elvis” an A- rating and highly recommends giving it a watch, especially now that it’s streaming.