(WSYR-TV) — It’s one of the most popular animated movies right now: “Minions: The Rise of Gru.” The trailer, which came out around two years ago, sparked a lot of interest in the movie. The project was delayed due to the pandemic, just like we’ve seen with so many other films, but it’s now playing in theaters for all to enjoy.

The movie is a prequel to the original “Despicable Me” film that has gained quite the fan base since its release in 2010. The story in this newest film focuses on main character Gru and his upbringing, including his rise to villainy. Movie guru Brian Miller says it is less of a “story” and more of a series of scenes featuring Gru and the Minions.

“I don’t think cohesive narrative is anything anyone cares about when going to see a Minions movie,” says Brian.

In the new movie, Gru is the main character, but the minion adventures really lead the activity. If you found the other “Despicable Me” movies funny, chances are, you’ll find this one to be the same. You can also catch all the Easter eggs pertaining to the franchise’s previous films.

Overall, Brian gave the movie a B-, and says it is definitely worth your time.