Brian Miller saw the original “Matrix” on the day of his junior prom, more than twenty years ago.  He watched the sequels with mixed feelings… and frankly, he wasn’t sure the world needed a new version.  But he was pleasantly surprised to find that it was fun to catch up with the characters.

“The Matrix” franchise has always been a lot to take it… An early chapter in a a computer generated world that has gone on to change moviemaking.  Brian says “Resurrections” uses clips from the original films to help to audiences catch up with details they might have forgotten… and to make the new film accessible to those who haven’t seen earlier chapters. 

Brian says it’s great to see Keanu Reeves (“Neo”) and Carrie-Anne Moss (“Trinity”) come back to their original roles, and he likes the way filmmakers have tweaked other returning characters and introduced new ones.

Brian gives “The Matrix Resurrections” a B.  The film is currently playing in theatres and streaming on HBO Max.