(WSYR-TV) — Self-parody can be tough to pull off. Nicolas Cage is the latest star to make fun of himself in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” and you can judge for yourself how successful he was, now that it’s out on demand and on DVD. Our movie guy Brian Miller shares his thoughts on the new film.

The story revolves around “Nick” Cage, an actor down on his luck. He isn’t making lots of money, and appears to have run out of creative ideas. That’s until he is brought to an island, where he’s supposed to meet someone who’s his biggest fan. Nick realizes he might be in a situation different from what he bargained for as the supposed “biggest fan” is involved in some shady dealings.

Overall, Brian Miller enjoyed the movie, citing it as a perfect example of a Nicolas Cage film. He gave it an A- rating and recommends checking it out.