(WSYR-TV) — In today’s episode of Bridge Street Steve Infanti and Iris St. Maren start by discussing the upsetting football game Syracuse University played against Virginia Tech . Despite the importance of the game SU lost 38-10. Infanti goes on to suggest that the game was doomed from the start. SU did not get their first down until the fifth drive of the game meanwhile VT scored on their first six possessions. This game now puts SU at 4-4, cooling the talk of any future Bowl games.

Infanti goes onto discuss, what he refers to as his “silver lining,” how the Bills opened up week eight of the NFL season to a great start. The game against the buckenners was 24-18. Josh Allen did exceptionally well with two touchdown passes and threw for over 300 yards. The team is now back on track with a 5-3 record.

The two then discuss Dan Cummings induction into the NY Broadcasting Fall of Fame yesterday. At the event Cummings thanked his family, friends, co-workers at channel 9, and the viewers that watch the show. Cummings is one of five inductees in the class of 2023 and will be joining Rob Wood, Carrie Lazarus, Rick Garry, and Nancy Duffy into the hall of fame.

Infanti then changes the topic to music, but not Taylor Swift drama. He dives into a research report that says music, especially sad music, can be physically healing. Any, “sad songs detailing bittersweet and emotional experiences could help reduce people’s physical pain,” Infanti said. Iris then lists her go to said songs, Adele and Chris Stapleton being her favorite sad song. Another study found that twenty minutes of exercise a day can combat many illnesses that come from elongated static postins, such as sitting at a 9-to-5 desk job.

St. Maren and Infanti then get fiscal, talking about the shocking price of Halloween candy. From last year Halloween candy has gone up 13%. They go on to discuss new addictive products Recce’s is putting out and how they have to purchase candy for their trick-or-treaters. Infanti adds some of the trending Halloween costumes and wasn’t surprised when Barbie was at the the top of the list.

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