(WSYR-TV) — Iris is back to finish the week co-hosting with Steve. The two dish about their plans for the upcoming weekend before chatting about the news that Buffalo Bills are heading to London. Which might lure Steve and his family across the pond.

Then Steve brings up the sad news of legendary high school basketball coach Bob McKenney’s breast cancer diagnosis. Steve sat down with the CNY legend the other day and previewed his upcoming story with him.

Plus, there is a green comet that we all can see this month. Speaking of out of this world, did you know Pepsi is trying to compete with Sprite? They’ve created a lemon-lime soda called Starry and it’s hitting the shelves. And that isn’t even the most bizarre PepsiCo news: Mountain Dew is in the hot sauce game. They’ve created a Baja Blast hot sauce and it’s coming out in a limited edition. Would you try it? Steve and Iris aren’t so sure.