(WSYR-TV) — In Today’s episode, Steve Infanti and Iris St. Maren discuss Syracuse’s first snowfall. The surprising snowfall leads the two to discuss how it creates too much excitement as everyone enters the Christmas season. St. Maren and Infanti agree that there is no need for this; wait until Thanksgiving is over.

To stay in the moment, the two discuss what their families did for Halloween. St. Maren then talks about all the kids who came to her house for Halloween. Her husband estimated they gave candy to around 80 kids. Infiniti showed off his adorable family costume from the kid’s show Tracker Ted. His son JP was a cow, his wife was Farmer Tom, and Infanti was Tractor Ted. Luke, Infati’s older son, was not able to go trick-or-treating, but for a good reason. Sine West Hill’s soccer team won their sectional finals. Over the weekend, they had practice and a celebratory team dinner. Their first round in the state tournament is tonight.

The two then break down Dancing With The Stars, which certainly played into the Halloween theme. St. Maren is impressed with Sochi. Although she was injured, that didn’t stop her from putting on a stunning performance. There are three fan favorites: Jason Maraz, Sochi, and Charity. Steve has been on the fence about whether or not Ariana Madix belongs in the top group, but after last night’s performance, she put herself toward the top.

Regarding elimination, Infiniti feels that the viewers and Judges were suitable. Sadly, Marico went home. St. Maren added that the comments from the public hurt his feelings. Some words mentioned that he just “stood there” as his partner danced around him. The two laugh as Infanti says, “He’s hurt because it’s true.”