(WSYR-TV) — In today’s episode, hosts Steve Infanti and Iris St. Meran start by discussing YWCA’s Spirit of American Women. St. Meran covered the event and felt honored to highlight women in the community who have made accomplishments and are an inspiration to many. Infanti then pokes fun at St. Maren as he wants to make sure she doesn’t get lost on her way to the event located at the Collegiate Suites.

Infanti then mentions another special event that was covered. The Rescue Mission recognized Channel 9 and Tim Fox at the annual Hopes Awards yesterday. This honor is given to those who have made a difference for Central NY. Over the years, Fox, as well as the channel, put effort into many projects that have uplifted the community.

The two then talk about the secret to getting past the age of one hundred. A study found that not stressing, working as hard and long as you can, and staying active with mental and physical hobbies. Both of them discuss relatives who are nearing one hundred. Infanti and St. Maren agree that their activities and visiting busy work for them.

Next, Infanti jumps into the Jason and Travis Kelce brothers. However, this time, it’s not about Taylor Swift. After Jason Kelce’s successful debut of his Christmas song with fellow Eagles players, Travis decided he wanted to join in. Their new song has topped the charts, and the money gained will go towards charity in the Philadelphia area.

Although the Kelce brothers are stuck on Christmas, NewsChannel 9 still looks forward to Thanksgiving, especially Black Friday. A great gift offered by the channel is the NewsChannel 9 to-go box. Each box is filled with shirts, calendars, and gift cards. Go to localsyr.com to get yours now!