(WSYR-TV) — In Today’s episode, hosts Steve Infanti and Iris St. Maren discuss Syracuse University’s family weekend. St. Maren is excited to have her family come for one of SU’s last football games against Boston College. Infanti’s daughter is a junior at SU and will also be watching from the student section as he covers the game.

The two then talk about the recent passing of Matthew Perry. Although the world is mourning his death, a light is at the end of this dark tunnel. Infanti shared Perry’s new foundation to help those who, like him, struggled with addiction. St. Maren adds by detailing Perry’s hope that people would not remember him for his time on the hit show Friends but for guiding others at a time when no one guided him. His legacy will be a collateral impact of inspiration, hope, and strength.

Infanti and St. Maren then return to their conversation in the previous show about DoorDash. Infiniti wants to ensure he is not criticizing drivers who work for the mobile app. He supports DoorDash drivers making more money since his daughter had worked for DoorDash, he found it necessary. However, he feels that the company should be paying its drivers more and not put an emphasis on its customers paying their workers more.

The two then remind the viewers of daylight saving time. They joke that even though you are supposed to get an extra hour of sleep, with their schedules, it’s hard to do. There is debate in Congress on whether to abolish daylight savings. Although the Senate passed a bill, the House stalled. Nothing further has happened.

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