(WSYR-TV) — In Today’s episode of Bridge Street Steve Infanti and Iris St. Meran start off by addressing the details of the recent mass shooting in Maine and the manhunt to find the suspect. The two also send their condolences to the victims and their loved ones that were involved in this heartbreaking tragedy.

Infanti and St. Meran announce exciting news that after 37 years reporting for news channel 9, Dave Cummings will be inducted into the broadcasting hall of fame. The ceremony takes place tonight at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC.

Another notable hall of famer the two discussed is Taylor Swift. In the midst of  re-recording Taylor’s Version of her older songs she also debuted songs that were never put out. The songs, referred to as “From the Vault,” were ranked in a New York Times’ article. 

Taylor Swift’s dating life has also been a hot topic in the media lately, which Infanti and St. Maren take a deep dive into. Eagles player Jason Kelce is worried when it comes to his brother’s, Travis Kelce, relationship with Swift. In an interview he admitted that he was “concerned” for his brother and the growing amount of paparazzi following the couple.