May is Brain Cancer Awareness month and Dr. Anthony Scalzo, a Medical Oncologist of Hematology-Oncology Associates says that while we don’t have very many causes for brain cancer, there are early warning sings to watch out for.

 “The only known causes that we know of are rare genetic syndromes like neurofibroma mitosis and another symptom developing with multiple cancers and these patients with these symptoms have an increased risk of developing brain tumors,” he says.

Some of the most common symptoms to measure are headaches. Chronic headaches that may last all day or headaches that you wake up with is certainly something you should get checked, he adds. Other symptoms include increased pressure to the skull and the most common symptom is seizure, which is uncontrollable muscle activity. The last symptom people should be aware of are cognitive changes also known as memory issues, slurred speech and weakness on one side of the body.

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