Celebrate Earth Day And Keep the Planet Clean With Advice From OCRRA

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It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and while county-wide Earth Day efforts have been cancelled due to COVID-19, experts say that we can all do our part, even on our own.

OCRRA Public Information Officer Kristen Lawton says that saving the earth can start with conscious daily practices that people can do right from home. Composting, reusing and even recycling are all great options to help protect the plant, she adds.  

Recycling can also play a major role in helping to protect our environment but Lawton says it’s important to get to know what you can put in the blue bin and what should go to the trash.

Plastic bottles, jugs, jars, stackable dairy tubs, cardboard, paperboard, paper, metal cans are all recyclable. Rubber gloves, yard waste, wood, metal (other than food / beverage cans),  cords, hoses, chains, ropes, are not.

Lawton also says that staying informed can help everyone from the homeowner to the collector and in turn our earth. She also stresses one important point to everyone. Don’t “wish-cycle” products, which means assuming that they are recyclable. If you aren’t sure about a container pr jug most likely it should be thrown in the trash. 

To learn more about recycling visit OCRRA.org.

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