(WSYR-TV) — It’s International Credit Union Day and Auburn Community FCU is celebrating its customers. Sam Scro, the CEO, provides his top five reasons why credit unions are superior to other options.

Top five reasons to choose a Credit Union over a Bank:

  • 5)Many Credit Unions offer no fee or low fee products and services. For example, courtesy pay. Less fees. No fees or lower fees
  • 4)Better Savings rates, Better interest rates on CD’s and Savings Accounts. We can pass savings to our members.
  • 3) Better loan rates than banks back to non for profit status. We can pass the savings to our members at lower rates.
  • 2) Friendlier people. Our staff is the friendliest staff because we have our members’ best interest at heart. We’re dealing with local neighbors and people we know.
  • 1) You own The Credit Union. You are a member owner.