National Pet Day is celebrated April 11 of each year, and is a day to honor all the pets that are part of our lives.

“There’s lots of studies, you know, out there that say that it helps calm people and that mentally that it’s a good thing for us humans to have a pet” says Kurt Grage, Owner of the Invisible Fence Brand of the Finger Lakes, Midstate and Syracuse.

Grage says another benefit he’s seen lately is being more active. He has a four-month-old German Shepard, and he’s spent a good amount of time on his feet, walking it.

It’s important, adds Grage, to remember the animals living in shelters, waiting to be adopted and taken to their forever homes. He advises people not to be overwhelmed by the adoption process, because he says it’s needed to ensure the pet gets a great home – and that the pet owner really understands the commitment.

Grage and his team help homeowners by not only installing the Invisible Fence Brand product on their properties but teaching them how to use it correctly. Animals wear a collar which Grage says receives a static electric stimulation that doesn’t hurt the animal but encourages it to go back in the yard, or to stop and not leave the yard at all.

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