Central New York runner Amber Howland was determined to race even through COVID-19. Armed with her own motivation, Howland decided to create a challenge of her own. Through a virtual challenge she’s set a lofty goal to run 1000 kilometers in 110 days and she’s giving back too.

Each day, Howland logs between six to seven miles and thanks to a different local sponsor, she’s able highlight some great local businesses along the way and help raise funds for the Food Bank of Central New York.

While Howland doesn’t have a dollar amount goal, she says that even the smallest donation can make all the difference. “Just $1 provides three meals to our local hungry, elderly, and children,” she adds. She’s also selling her own T-shirts, with proceeds going to help the Food Bank of Central New York.

To learn more about the virtual fundraiser visit AmberHowland.com.