Diapers have always been expensive and the price just keeps getting higher, making it difficult for many parents across the country and here in Central New York. However the CNY Diaper Bank is working to help those struggling, and you can too.

CNY Diaper Bank Founder Michela Hugo says that this basic everyday need can cost a pretty penny, especially with inflation.

“Parents who are living paycheck to paycheck or living near the poverty line are experiencing it in a much harder way. It’s much more difficult for them right now,” she adds.

In Syracuse, 50 percent of children under the age of five live in poverty. To make matters worse, low-income families are spending twice as much as families who have access to buying diapers in bulk.

“There’s no government assistance that covers the cost of diapers, so they really have nowhere to go,” says Hugo.

That’s why the CNY Diaper Bank is working to change that. During the entire month of May the organization is collecting diapers and monetary donations through the “Make a Mother’s Day” diaper drive.

They also have a $10,000 match. The first $10,000 in donations that the organization receives in May will be matched thanks to the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust. If that goal is met, the Diaper Bank can purchase 135,000 size 5 and 6 diapers, which are needed the most.

If you’re interested in helping the CNY Diaper Bank, it’s simple. You can either drop off diapers at the CNY Diaper Bank in Liverpool, or you can send a check or donate online. For more details on how to donate click here.

The CNY Diaper Bank is also holding a Mother’s Day Drive-up Diaper Distribution on Saturday, May 7th. The Diaper Bank says quantities are limited and pre-registration is required. Click here to register.

Just a few dollars or a few diapers can go a long way.