Rachel Parker has had enough. After breaking up with her boyfriend and moving back home to Syracuse, she finds herself diving back into the dating pool and that’s where Danielle Dexter’s latest novel begins.

The book, “Stupid love” is first in the “Salt City Diaries” series for Dexter, who says she came up with the idea when she was starting over nearly a decade ago.

“I started journaling and thinking about the complexities of falling in love again, starting over and most importantly falling back in love with myself,” she says. “… I would have conversations with my girlfriends about why this was happening or that and we would all just say ‘well love is stupid’ just to get through it, and the idea kind of stemmed from that.”

“Stupid Love” is inspired by true events and Danielle says it’s a book about love but a journey of self-discovery and healing too. She adds that this is the book that you swore was written for you, and has love, heartbreak and dating all rolled into one story.

And best of all, Rachel’s story doesn’t just stop after the first book.

“Before I even mapped out the first book I said this can’t be just one,” she says. ” I have to give the story justice and have a sequel or trilogy just to go through the complexities of starting over because not everyone has that once upon a time and happily ever after in one year.”

The award-winning author has also penned two other novels including “The Taming of Lions,” and “The Chase.”

“Stupid Love” by Danielle Dexter is available for purchase on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and Walmart. To learn more about Danielle and her books, visit her online at DanieJaye.com.