If you were a fan of “Friday Night Lights,” you know that it wasn’t really a sports story, but the story of a town, set on and around high school football. In Central New York, the same can be said for “Floor Burns,” a new book that talks about the passions of Parochial League Basketball back in the mid-sixties. Author M.C. Antil grew up around those gyms and he’s pulled together stories that will touch a lot of hearts in Central New York.

M.C. set out to originally write a book about the old Syracuse league and slowly but surely it became a five-book box set. “Floor Burns” is dozens of little stories that he says tell the tale of the city of Syracuse at a tipping point, from the city at mid-century thru the destruction of the Fifth Ward, to the Syracuse of today. M.C. adds that it’s told through the storyline of the last All-City High School Basketball Championship Game, pitting the Parochial League and city high schools, told from both sides.

To learn more about “Floor burns” and to get your copy, visit FloorBurnsBook.com.