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While we are all unique, doctors often get the same questions when it comes to women’s wellness. Dr.Edith Westpfal joins us from Upstate Community OBGYN to answer some common questions that she hears as well as clear up any myths we hear far too often.

We all know that you shouldn’t be drinking once you are pregnant, but is it ok to continue to drink alcohol while you’re trying to get pregnant? Dr. Westpfal warns that you should NOT be drinking in this critical time because a woman commonly does not know she is pregnant until the third or fourth week of pregnancy. There is no safe amount of alcohol when pregnancy is a question.

Women also don’t need to worry as much about that much-talked-about biological as they can have kids after turning forty. While fertility starts to decline in a woman’s early thirties and rapidly declines after the age of forty, it is possible. The risk of miscarriage is higher with age as well, so Dr. Westpfal does encourage women to try to aim before forty, but it can be done.

When it comes to breastfeeding, there are many common questions. Women often believe breastfeeding will help them lose weight but that is not necessarily true. While you may burn more calories while breastfeeding, women commonly retain more fluid while breastfeeding. Some also believe formula is just as beneficial for a baby as breastfeeding but that is NOT the case. It is strongly recommended for the first six months of life and is very beneficial in developing a bond between mother and child.

Women also aren’t sure about the need for a vaginal exam versus the need for a pap smear as there is contradictory information out there. You DO need a vaginal exam but depending on your health history, you do not need to get a pap smear each year.

If you are interested in making Upstate your OBGYN, their office number is (315)492-2320 and you can find more information on their website at

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