You’re invited to follow along as two community minded women and one local artist go on a walking tour in search of one-of-a-kind places and great local food too.

Executive Producer Laura Thorne and Creative Director Aldea Gerard are the two women behind “Off The Wall And Up Close” and they’re getting ready to celebrate the completion of their pilot filmed in Syracuse. The show takes place in the area with Laura and Aldea taking viewers on a day trip adventure exploring fun ways to get out and enjoy the Syracuse community.

The duo recently filmed the pilot episode in downtown Syracuse on Salina Street. The show features Oh My Darling, Wildflowers and a few local shops along the way too.

“We decided to do the show because we really saw a need here to really try to elevate the perception here in Syracuse,” Laura says. “We really felt like we need people to come from outside of the city to live here and we came up with a fun way to hopefully help do that.”

Laura and Aldea will celebrate the filming of their pilot episode of “Off The Wall & Up Close” on Saturday, October 2nd from 6 to 8 p.m. at Wunderbar. The cost is $50 per person or a $100 donation. A silent auction, a special screening of the pilot and live performances are all set to take place at the event too. Both Laura and Aldea hope that this is the beginning of the next step in finding a home for their idea.

Our goal is to get this on Netflix, Hulu and really something big,” Laura says. “Our next step is to get this in film festivals and into the hands of network agents,” she adds. “The pilot itself isn’t going to get us anywhere, we really need people to see it.”

To purchase tickets to the event and to learn more, visit them at