Coping With COVID-19 From Health Coach Debbie Roppo

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For the last five months, everyone has had to adapt to a new normal. But the truth is, coping with COVID-19 isn’t always easy. Certified International Health Coach Debbie Roppo says that even with so many unknowns, COVID-19 doesn’t have to be our main source of stress. She says there are some key tips everyone should keep in mind as we navigate through the pandemic.

Roppo reminds us that it’s important to cut ourselves and others some slack. She also says that grieving is a normal part of life and allowing ourselves that time to grieve can really help manage stress and anxiety.

With so much time on our hands, social media may be at the forefront of everyone’s to-do list. But Roppo says that if everyone took time away from technology, then it can make us all feel better. Social media isn’t always as it seems and sometimes stepping back may be what we need, she adds.

Eating right and reaching out for help are also more important than ever. Debbie says that having a network of people who can help, can make any situation more manageable. To learn more about how Debbie can help you, visit

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