(WSYR-TV) — Summer is a great time to create memories as a family, and it’s also a good time to establish traditions.

While Dr. Tanya Pellettiere normally talks about how crucial it is to push kids outside of their comfort zone, she feels as if stability within the family is just as important.

“What I’ve come to understand over time and looking at research is that continuity is really important. Beyond just a basic morning routine, evening routine, and week-long routine, having these bigger and emotionally-connected family traditions anchored in are really important for long-term family relationships and even long-term mental health,” Dr. Pellettiere says.

Dr. Pellettiere suggests that family traditions can be as simple as having a special plate to eat from when it’s a birthday, or creating other concrete tokens that can be a part of the tradition itself, alongside the importance of getting together in person to solidify these traditions.

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