(WSYR-TV) — Time flies when you’re having fun. Summer is not far from drawing to a close, especially for college students heading back to class. While college tuition is rising, there are still some clever ways to make money and save money for college expenses.

Many folks tend to forget that students can apply for scholarships all four years of undergraduate school. There will even be scholarships exclusive for upperclassmen. Many colleges are also competing for students, so they may be willing to negotiate costs.

Students can get credits out of the way by taking summer classes, which are often cheaper than paying tuition during the regular semesters. That way, the student may be able to graduate early, which can save them a whole semester’s worth of tuition.

Other costly items for college students are those thick, surprisingly expensive textbooks. However, students can subscribe to digital textbooks using Pearson Plus, spending just $10 to $15 for an entire catalog. These aren’t just PDFs, either. The subscription includes the ability to highlight text, make flashcards, listen to audiobooks, and watch curated videos explaining passages in the online textbooks.

Due to the current labor shortage, many schools are looking for students to get real-life experience by working on campus. This may allow them to be reimbursed for some of their tuition expenses as well.

While it may be a difficult time to cover costs of college expenses, these tips can certainly help cut down on spending.

For more information on affordable college textbooks and study tools, visit Pearson.com.