(WSYR-TV) — If you’re looking for meatless meal options, NewsChannel 9’s Peyton Ashford takes us to Strong Hearts. From vegan wings to gluten-free cupcakes, this cafe has everything you might need.

“We’re here to serve people delicious food that is vegan,” said Nick Ryan, Strong Hearts Co-Owner. “So whether it’s not even a thought in your mind that it’s vegan. They just come here because they love the sandwich and fries. That’s fine with us.”

Raising awareness for animal rights is what inspired the owners of Strong Hearts to open 15 years ago.

“It was a group called SARO: Syracuse Animal Rights Organization. And in that group, we did a variety of things. Some of it was kinda introducing people to the ideas of veganism through literature and meetings and having speakers on campus,” Ryan explained.

You can learn more about Strong Hearts by visiting their website.