January is the best time to declutter after the holiday craze, and we’re not just talking about making space for new gifts. Environmental experts say the average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals… in our food, personal care products, and cleaning products.

During National Get Organized Month, award-winning environmental toxin expert Tonya Harris is hosting an upcoming Zoom workshop. “The Slightly Greener Method: Detoxifying Your Home is Easier, Faster, and Less Expensive Than You Think” is set for Tuesday, January 11 at 12pm EST.

Her book, The Slightly Greener Method: Detoxifying Your Home Is Easier, Faster, and Less Expensive Than You Think, is available now from Sourcebooks.

Tonya survived leukemia as a child, and really started looking into household toxins when her own son started exhibiting traits of ADHD and other challenges.  A few small changes became “The Slightly Greener Method,” a roadmap to help discover which toxins to avoid for your own unique needs.

Among her topics:

  • The Power of Starting Small: How Tonya started becoming slightly greener (when she started out way too green).
  • How To Remove Toxins: Find Your Deal Breakers – A dealbreaker ingredient is a way to create a shortcut when shopping or finding nontoxic products. 80/20 Rule – 80% of the time buy safer products so you don’t have to worry about the 20% of the time you have no control
  • What To Replace First: Foods & Beverages – Replace kitchen plastics with glass and stainless steel. Personal Care & Beauty Products – Start with toothpaste and face wash, or whatever you typically use every day. Cleaning Products – Instead of harsh cleaners, try safer cleaning product brands or simply make your own (It’s Easy!)

Find out more about Tonya Harris’ methods and how they can help in your home at