(WSYR-TV) — Spooky season is meant to heighten those senses that make you feel uneasy, but when it comes to treats, we don’t want any tricks. Kelly Springer, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, shares her advice for some tasty Halloween treats that can still be considered healthy.

Kelly shares the following:

  1. Halloween is a scary holiday for not just dentists but dietitians too — as cavities from the massive sugar intake can appear overnight AND too much sugar intake can lead to hyperglycemia, which means there is excess sugar in the bloodstream that can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance.
  2. Start with making simple healthy swaps to those traditional Halloween treats! For example, swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate, as dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, iron, and magnesium!
  3. Swap gummy candies for dried fruit. By enjoying dried fruits, you swap sugar for my favorite nutrient FIBER as well as other essential vitamins. Just because it is dried doesn’t mind the nutrients are dried up too.
  4. Swap skittles or sour candy for sour frozen candy grapes! You can make easy sour grapes with monk fruit sweetener, lime juice, and any grape of your choosing! Crunchy, tart, and a healthier alternative.
  5. But there is no harm in enjoying your favorite candies or spooky snacks if done so in moderation. You can enjoy these spooky Halloween pretzel characters like Frankenstein or a mummy. Pair these tasty treats with fruit or vegetables to balance your snacks as you enjoy this festive holiday.

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