(WSYR-TV) — For two decades, the war in Afghanistan dominated the headlines in America and across the world. A new documentary film “Retrograde” captures the final nine months of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan from multiple perspectives: one of the last U.S. Special Forces units deployed there, a young Afghan general and his corps fighting to defend their homeland against all odds, and the civilians desperately attempting to flee as the country collapses and the Taliban take over.

From rarely seen operational control rooms to the frontlines of the battle to the chaotic Kabul airport during the final U.S. withdrawal, this Oscar-Shortlisted film offers a cinematic and historic window into the end of America’s longest war, and the costs endured for those most intimately involved.

Baktash Ahadi, the executive producer of “Retrograde,” came on the show today to talk about the documentary’s contents and what led up to its creation. His goal in producing this film was to help Americans to understand the tragedy of how the United States left Afghanistan after those 20 years. 

The documentary will be screening at Syracuse University’s National Veterans Resource Center at 101 Waverly Ave in Syracuse. The screening will begin at 5:30 p.m. on February 23. Following the screening, Baktash Ahadi will conduct a Q&A with the audience. For more information, visit the event’s web post here.