Easter is fast approaching. And it’s relatively easy to find candy and other edibles to fill an Easter basket. But things get a little more challenging when families are looking to avoid too many treats. Lifestyle expert Kylie Kaufman has some great ideas to help make life a little easier for the Easter Bunny.

Cuddle up with the perfect spring swaddle from Little Unicorn https://littleunicorn.com/

  • Hand-painted floral print, this versatile swaddle is an everyday essential making it the perfect practical stuffer for your little one’s Easter Basket.
  • Made from 100% cotton muslin, Little Unicorn swaddles are lightweight and breathable and actually become softer with each wash

Give the gift of night-time comfort with the adorable Hibü night light from bblüv https://bbluv.com/products/baby-night-light-hibu

  • Made of shock-resistant silicone, Hibü’s adorable design and portability makes it the perfect nighttime companion for your child
  • Hibü features, 3 auto shut-off timers with 10 levels of brightness and 9 different LED colors with touch control or remote control feature

Bubbles are a fan favorite during easter — but what about foam? This next gadget takes your fun to a whole new level … Level-up your spring-time bubble experience with foam – Meet Fömalanche https://www.fommania.com/

  • Fömalanche makes piles and piles of light, airy foam! Just add concentrate and water to the reservoir and turn the machine on for fast, easy, foam fun!
  • Fömalanche features a non-toxic, tear-free foam formula which requires NO clean-up since the Foam Dissolves on its own!

Take Your Bubbles to the next level! Engage the whole family this Easter with giant bubbles from South Beach https://southbeachbubbles.com/

  • South Beach Bubbles bubble wands create long, GIANT bubbles thanks to a 2-handledesign.
  • The WOWmazing Giant Bubble Concentrate is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, and proudly made in the USA.