Sharkey’s Bar and Grill is lining up a variety of concerts for 2022, including country group the Eli Young Band. The band has a slew of accolades including 14 billboard hits, four number one hits, and was awarded both the American Country Music song of the year and Billboard’s number one Country song of the year. Bassist Jon Jones says the group of guys who came together in college are just grateful to have found their niche in country music radio.

“We’re a country band and we kind of cross genres into rock and pop a bit,” he adds. “We’ve done this for 21 years now and I think we’ve got a pretty unique sound and we’ve found a good home in country music radio.”

They’ve revamped their live show this year and will feature more energy and fun on stage, Jon says. He also adds that it’s a good time to see them live because of the fun they’re having on tour. And new this year, they’ll release their latest album called “Love Talking.” Many of the songs on the album were created during the pandemic with the hopes of better days ahead, he says.

You can catch the Eli Young Band Thursday, May 5th at 8 p.m. at Sharkey’s Bar and Grill on Oswego Road in Liverpool. Tickets start at just $28 and you can purchase them online today at